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Demeter’s Skyrim Diary: part 4


—Heartfire, 2nd, 4E 201—

The Imperial Fort on the way back to Whiterun was swarming with bandits. I didn’t stop to think before raising my hands against them. Even their leader, a tough brute with a wicked two-handed axe, was my enemy. I helped out an Imperial fort and I don’t quite know why. I left home to get away from the Empire. Now I’m here, doing this. Maybe I should seek out these Stormcloaks. Put an end to this feeling.

And yet, all thoughts of this were put aside after receiving a cryptic letter. The anonymous author noted my work at the cave of the last of the Blades and wants me to go to a place called Valthume so I can “develop my talents”.

Who is this ‘friend’? Why does he want to help a Dragonborn? Is it a trap? And, most disturbing, how did he learn of the open-air cave? That place is long forgotten, no one should have seen me. I am being watched. Be on your guard, Demeter. The world watches you.


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Demeter’s Skyrim Diary: part 3


—Heartfire, 1st, 4E 201—

At Brittleshin Pass, I met a girl in a cage with burn marks across her face. And yet, despite being a scarred prisoner, she seemed in good spirits, even cheerful. Too cheerful. But I was too tired to contemplate it, and set up camp for the night. When I awoke, she was gone. We may meet again.

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Demeter’s Skyrim Diary: part 2


—Last Seed, 31st, 4E 201—

I came upon a mountainous enclosure, the resting place of the last of the Blades, from a place called Cloud Ruler Temple. His sword lay at the foot of the same statue I saw on the mountain: Septim, standing over the serpent. The old world sleeps here.

I nearly lost Lydia today. How close was I to seeing her limp body draped over a mossy, forgotton stair? I must be more careful.

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Demeter’s Skyrim Diary: part 1


—Last Seed, 30Th, 4E 201—

It only recently came to mind that I might want to keep a journal of my travels. Sometimes, the past is different when viewed from the future, and no doubt this journal will seem enlightening when read many months from now.

I have just picked up this blank book in a cave where I am writing this entry. Its former occupants, a pair of vampires, no longer have any use for it. I fought them down easily, though the stronger of the two managed to get close to me. I hope I have not contracted vampirism as a result.

I killed two giants last night. Their great naked bodies were starkly lit by their bonfires, attracting me to them. They did not go down easily, but since I had the advantage of higher ground, I could afford to whittle them down to death. Seeing other giants during the day, however, I wonder if I made an error in killing those two. Were they truly a threat to me and others? Or are these massive beings content to wander the plains in peace? It is possible that an unsteady balance may have been disrupted by my hand.

I go back into the wilds. The northern lights are beautiful tonight.

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Modern Game Design: part I.


All right! A new game, a new adventure! It’s Sleeping Dogs! Hong Kong kung fu action thriller, baby! Let’s go kick some ass!

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