Demeter’s Skyrim Diary: part 1


—Last Seed, 30Th, 4E 201—

It only recently came to mind that I might want to keep a journal of my travels. Sometimes, the past is different when viewed from the future, and no doubt this journal will seem enlightening when read many months from now.

I have just picked up this blank book in a cave where I am writing this entry. Its former occupants, a pair of vampires, no longer have any use for it. I fought them down easily, though the stronger of the two managed to get close to me. I hope I have not contracted vampirism as a result.

I killed two giants last night. Their great naked bodies were starkly lit by their bonfires, attracting me to them. They did not go down easily, but since I had the advantage of higher ground, I could afford to whittle them down to death. Seeing other giants during the day, however, I wonder if I made an error in killing those two. Were they truly a threat to me and others? Or are these massive beings content to wander the plains in peace? It is possible that an unsteady balance may have been disrupted by my hand.

I go back into the wilds. The northern lights are beautiful tonight.


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