Demeter’s Skyrim Diary: part 4


—Heartfire, 2nd, 4E 201—

The Imperial Fort on the way back to Whiterun was swarming with bandits. I didn’t stop to think before raising my hands against them. Even their leader, a tough brute with a wicked two-handed axe, was my enemy. I helped out an Imperial fort and I don’t quite know why. I left home to get away from the Empire. Now I’m here, doing this. Maybe I should seek out these Stormcloaks. Put an end to this feeling.

And yet, all thoughts of this were put aside after receiving a cryptic letter. The anonymous author noted my work at the cave of the last of the Blades and wants me to go to a place called Valthume so I can “develop my talents”.

Who is this ‘friend’? Why does he want to help a Dragonborn? Is it a trap? And, most disturbing, how did he learn of the open-air cave? That place is long forgotten, no one should have seen me. I am being watched. Be on your guard, Demeter. The world watches you.


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