Demeter’s Skyrim Diary: part 5


—Heartfire, 3rd, 4E 201—

There is a rotunda near Whiterun, an open-air forge. It has been named ‘Lunar Forge’. They say that, when the moons are out, weapons forged in its place are bestowed great enchantments.

But that is not why I am writing. During the day, I came upon a hunter’s encampment, hid under an outcropping of rock. Its inhabitants had been unfortunate, bloodied by some creature – likely wolves, as the plains are teeming with them. There were several pelts and skins as a testament of their trade. In one chest lay a fascinating gemstone.

And the gemstone spoke to me. Merida, she said was her name, she wants me to find her mountain. She wants me to go and put her gem where it belongs. She compels me to go…but I feel uneasy. She speaks of wrath and rage, that I would become an instrument of her righteousness. I don’t trust this talk. But how can I easily defy a god?


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