Demeter’s Skyrim Diary: part 7


—Heartfire, 7Th, 4E 201—

The rocky hills around Markarth are swarming with barbarians known as the ‘Forsworn’. I have yet to discover what this may mean. Yet, they are fighting alongside foul harpies in their towers; their lives are forfeit.

I killed two harpies with the forsworn. One was in a cage, claiming her tower had been stolen. The other lay at the top of their chambers. Neither won.

I rest at the Inn at Markarth, and the Forsworn are causing a panic. The mines are overrun, and I arrived in the city to see a woman stabbed right in front of everyone. I took her key, in case her quarters reveal any clues, or perhaps something useful to my travels. In any case, these barbarians are truly a problem.


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